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IT engineer, economics student and digital transformation enthusiast.
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I'm Pau Vila, an IT engineer born in Girona in 1995. I'm currently studying a degree in Economics at the Open University of Catalonia. I'm also an International Baccalaureate graduate and worked at IT Management Consultancy field before moving to an industrial corporation where I currently outlook a digital transformation process.

At the age of 18 I co-founded ClipCare, a start-up which developed enterprise-level software for handling engagement from business to clients and viceversa. We developed a variety of software solutions which enabled the implementation of tech support & after-sales mobile apps and web platforms.

I have earned various awards and scolarships, including the Apple, Inc. 2016 Developers Scholarship, an honour diploma of the Selectivitat (Spanish university admission test) as well as the Botet-Sis¨® scolarship to excellence by the Universitat de Girona and the Jaume Casademont prize.

I have also participated in non-academic organizations such as the European Youth Parliaments and Catalans Lliures, a liberal think tank where I regularly contribute with research articles related to the economic impact of digital trends.

2016 - Apple, Inc. WWDC Scholarship winner
2016 - Technova Business Idea Contest finalist
2016 - Typeform Hackathon winner
2015-16 - Intern, IT Enterprise Risks. Deloitte.
2014 - European Youth Parliament delegate @ Istanbul
2013 - Mention of honour, university access test ("selectivitat")
2013 - Winner, Jaume Casademont Prize
2013 - Entrepreneurship workshops for professors @ udg
2013 - ClipCare founded. Finalist of Yuzz accelerator
2012 - Winner, Fundaci¨® PuntCat best project
2012 - TED TALK @ UdG

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